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We at Tellepsen Landscaping (TLS) have decided to dedicate our first blog post to the late Marc Tellepsen and Mark Scioneaux. As some of you may know today signifies one year since Marc Tellepsen and Mark Scioneaux’s untimely passing. We wanted to honor their memory with this post by publishing testimonials from both their clients and loved ones, showcasing how passionate Marc and Mark truly were. Their passions ranged from designing brilliant “Bespoke gardens” to hosting friends at private ballet rehearsals, to spending quality time with their families. We want everyone to know how blessed we feel to be able to continue their legacy of creating elegant gardens and landscapes that truly tailor the lives of their owners. Each project Marc and Mark worked on had a piece of them in it, they made sure each design was innovative and that all of their client’s dreams had been fulfilled. These two incredible men passed down their knowledge, passion, and themes of landscape-design to Tellepsen’s wife Jennifer, Vice-president Kristi Axel, and lead landscape designer Michael Hernadez. Thanks to their guidance these individuals were able to rise to the occasion and keep Tellepsen moving forward. We know Marc and Mark are proud angels shielding us as we carry on their legacy of creating gardens that celebrate life. Here are some things clients had to say about them. 

To: Marc Tellepsen and Mark Scioneaux

A Garden on the Bayou was a very special project to Marc and Mark. It was the first big project that the company got to take on. It was also an opportunity for them to collaborate with the late Reagan Miller. With the help of these three gentlemen, they were able to create a beautiful ambiance inside and out of the home, with meticulous detail at every corner for Glen Gonzalez.

“One year ago, Houston lost three of our finest men, and I lost three of my best friends. Not one day has passed that I haven’t missed Marc, Mark, and Reagan.” -Glen Gonzalez


“We think of Marc and Mark often. We were so fortunate to work with both of them for well over a year on our project. We looked forward to meeting with them and hearing their vision for our home landscape. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t appreciate all the work they put into our landscaping. The first thing I do every single morning, you can ask my husband, is I pull back the curtains to admire our back yard and garden. We get to enjoy what they created every day, and we are truly blessed by this. I recall one weekend, before we moved in, that Marc brought his son over to help plant our herb garden. We loved that they were both getting their hands in the dirt on our behalf. Now when we pick herbs, we think of this memory fondly. We are better for knowing both of them. Their legacy will live on forever in all of the beautiful landscapes they have created.” -Anne Freeman


“Our favorite memory of Marc Tellepsen was the first Christmas Eve when we moved into our new house in 2010. My mother had just passed during Thanksgiving and I wanted everything to be bright and cheerful for my daddy. Well, it rained that Christmas Eve and the fabulous lights we had in the trees in our front yard we’re not working. I called Marc at dusk asking him where the controls are for the Christmas lights. He was unsure since he did not install them however he had spoken to the management of the company that did regarding the project. Well, I said to Marc don’t worry about it! It’s Christmas Eve and you have children and a family to tend to. But he still came over anyway, in the rain, to make sure our lights came on. We miss him so much and can only imagine how much you all do. God bless.” -Mary Raia 


“After over 30 years of working and getting to know Mark Scioneaux, I can honestly say, he was the ultimate professional. Everything he did was always meticulously done, and the absolute best that it could be done, regardless of what it took. There was no one more creative or knowledgeable in his field. It was an honor and a pleasure working with Mark Scioneaux. He had a way of elevating all those around him. I miss him greatly! Now as for Marc Tellepsen, I had the pleasure of working with Marc for over 10 years, and his insatiably positive attitude was truly a wonderful thing. Even when things did not always go the way they were planned, his attitude was, “Ok, what do we need to do to correct this”? He always went the “extra mile” to make sure the client was happy and he did it the right way. He actually cared, which is hard to find these days. Marc was one of the good guys, and we miss him. I was proud to be a part of the Tellepsen Landscaping Team.” 

-Jim Cherner


“Looking back over my relationship with Marc, which begins from his birth since I am one of his older cousins, I feel I have a special perspective for he was not only family to me. I’ll call it the trifecta for me because after being his cousin, there were two other relationships I had the pleasure of experiencing with Marc. After he honored my wife and I by being my best man in our wedding, he gave me and our company the opportunity to be a subcontractor on a couple of TLS projects, working with the team of Marc & Mark was fun and rewarding, getting to play a small part in the beautiful gardens they designed and built. Most recently, we became a client of TLS and were able to build our own home garden with these two masters in their field. Even though it was modest by comparison to most of their projects, it was important to them and you could feel their interest and attention to detail. Why do I say all of this – I mention it due to the fact that in each individual way I knew Marc, he treated me with respect, equality and love no matter what the situation or dynamic. I miss him so dearly because he was one of the most special people I have ever known and I am grateful to see the legacy he built continue and even more grateful to remember his friendship. With love and admiration.” -Trent Tellepsen


Before they passed, Marc & Mark broke ground on a project named ‘A Garden on Black Creek Court’. Because of all the knowledge that they passed down to those around them, the TLS team was able to pick right up where they left off, and see their work through. We want to give a special thanks to the Vice President, Kristi Axel, who’s guidance and leadership helped see this project to fruition; Lead designer, Michael Hernandez, for helping see the client’s vision through to construction; and our Lead Foreman, Eric Gonzalez, for helping ensure perfection during the garden’s installation. Click this link to check it out! https://www.tellepsenlandscaping.com/project/durham-black-creek/ Comment and let us know what you like about this garden! And tell us your favorite parts of your own garden!